The Olive Oil is being bottled in a five litre can and three glass bottles. A 750 ml, 500 ml and a small 250 ml.

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The Olive oil is a high quality organic product from the island of Crete in the South of Greece.

It is produced and bottled in the region of Sitia near the village Piskokefalon, on the hill of Beratis, from where it got its name too.

The sort of the Olives is Koroneiki and with the climate of Eastern Crete, the result is a smooth and tasty Olive Oil with a light bitter-delicate aftertaste.

The Olives are being harvested by hand with little equipment, from end of November until mid February.

At the stage of pressing, care is taken to the procedure in order to extract best quality oil, not exceeding 25 Celsius degrees during separation.

Bottling and labeling are done from the Family, also by hand with patience and lots of care.

We also use recycled paper to minimize any environmental pollution.

The producer proud for the result!

And finally ready for shipment abroad!

Currently we ship to Germany and Switzerland. Contact us for orders and further information.

Ideal topping for salads, tastes delicate with goat and sheep cheese. Also the best way to cook fish and any kind of meat, or to pour on top of roasted bread - a poem!