About Us


Our Company is a Family Business producing top quality Organic products, specialized in Olive Oil. It all started back in 1991 when the Family moved from Switzerland to Greece. Giannikakis Stavros, who grew up in Piskokefalo, the same region the oil is harvested and bottled, from Sitia Crete, decided to follow the tradition of this unique procedure, which his Father Georgios had started some decades before. But, there was a difference! From his experience as he moved to Switzerland in 1986 to live with his wife Susanne, he saw how mass production with non organic means harms Nature. So they decided from respect to Mother Nature to change the farming to organic, to prove the World that good quality products can be produced out of simple methods, without chemicals being mixed to this pure element that earth gave us so generously. As years past, the Company has expanded its cultivation to other products, such as table grapes, oranges and lemons. These products are being distributed only regionally because of the small quantity that is produced and the sensitivity that brings difficulties in transporting them.