The primary cultivation of the Family, since it is the biggest part of the owned land. We have around 1000 olive trees of the sort koroneiki.

The grandfather of the family started the cultivation of olive trees around 1940 from a small piece of land expanding it slowly to what it is today.

We turned the cultivation to Organic in 1991 and officially from 1993, complying to the rules of Bio Hellas.

We do not use any pesticides and use natural fertilizers. There are many alternative ways to fight some illnesses and insects, as setting traps for the insects to fall in and drawn in water for example.

As for fertilizing we use either manure or olive leafs among with olive cores that are being left from oil pressing.

Also instead of burning the olive branches form pruning we shred them, which helps fertilizing too.

We comply to the rules of Bio Hellas, the main organisation responsible for Organic Farming controls in Greece.

Every year the oil is being controlled and analyzed from experts, verifying that we always deliver you top quality organic olive oil.